She’s Back!

September 30, 2017

She’s BACK!!! Sounds quite dramatic right?! Are you wondering from what? Did you do something amazing? Just come back from traveling the world? Did something traumatic happen to you and now you’re on the mend? Well…… sorry to disappoint. None of the above has happened. Hahaha. I’ve gone back to work. For those that don’t know I’m a 2nd grade teacher at an amazing school. (totally NOT biased!). Going back to work doesn’t seem so bad except teaching is one of the most hands on, intensive jobs one can have. I will spare you the soapbox rant, so I’ll just say I’m just now getting my rhythm down. I now enough creative juices and energy to get back to writing. To celebrate I decided to throw on some cute clothes and take pictures, duh! lol.

I know the off the shoulder trend was set for summer, but HELLLOOOOO I live in Charleston so it’s currently 90 degrees and it’s totally appropriate. Plus with bell sleeves like these it’s hard to pass up. The jeans are my new favorite from Express. I discovered them this summer when I lost weight and needed a new pair of old faithfuls. Lucky for you I linked them AND they’re currently 40% off! I’m actually thinking of ordering another pair in the next size down because I continue to lose with my workout plan. These fringe heels are actually from Amazon but I linked a similar pair. I love a fun shoe that offers a pop of color. A lady actually walked by during my shoot asking about the shopping details and of course I paid it forward. That’s enough of my chatter, click the link below to shop for yourself!

June 9, 2017

As a woman there is no greater fear than bathing suit season! It’s as if all the hard work, or kind of hard work, you’ve done in the winter goes unnoticed. In a swift moment your confidence can be shattered when you slip on that first suit under those harsh fitting room lights and see yourself in all your glory. Well I’m here to tell you to not believe the lies the mirror is trying to convince you of. Sure, you may not have that six pack YET, but you’re just fine. That roundness in your belly has a story.  Those thighs that touch like best friends holding hands have a story. The love handles that seem to reflect the opposite of their name, have a story. Wherever you are in your body journey you are perfectly perfect! So join me in my SwimClassy suit and let’s take over the beaches, pool parties and water parks!

Outfit Details:
Bathing Suit: Swimclassy *use AngellT25 for 25% off*
Shorts: H&M
Hat: Target
Photography: PJR photography


Backyard BBQ

May 27, 2017

Hey ya’ll Hey! This weekend kicks off official BBQ/Cookout Season. If you’re anything like me, you always wonder, “What should I wear?!” I often opt for a cute summer dress, but here in Charleston, temps have already been around the 90 degree mark. HOT! There’s nothing worse than sweat marks all over your dress, hence this little number! It’s the perfect combo of cute and functional! The sleeveless top is a polyester blend which makes it completely easy breezy. These shorts have quickly become my new favorites. I have always been leery of the short shorts trend, but these gems from H&M have just the right thigh and bum coverage while giving your legs plenty of exposure to soak in the summer sun. Then comes the shoes. I am a complete sneaker head so any chance I get to spruce up an outfit with some fun sneakers brings me joy. These custom LA Dodgers Adidas add just the right flair!

Outfit Details:
Sleeveless Tank: Marshall’s
Hot Pants(Shorts): H&M
​Shoes: Adidas

I Am Woman

May 20, 2017

I wish I could begin with the beginning, but who has that much time? So instead I will choose to start with today. I have always been critical of me. I was taught to be that way. A gift and a curse. It has propelled me into pushing myself to the limits that would break others. Unfortunately, it also has changed my internal dialogue. I can often see the 5 things wrong, instead of the 10 things right. Slowly, I have made the decision to choose differently. Lately, thanks to a catalyst, I have been REALLY pushing myself to crawl out of the box I’ve created. This picture represents where I am today. I am perfectly flawed. I am fierce. I am woman!

Now to the fun…. the outfit details!
Skirt: Fashion Nova
Camisole: Uptown Cheapskate
Shoes: DSW
Curls: Bouncecurl & Jane Carter Solution
Photography: PJR photography

Hello Blue Skies

April 8, 2017

It’s no secret I’ve been “rebuilding” my wardrobe. It’s been difficult because of a number of things….. I hate shopping with lots of other people. Thank you to those years in retail! I have 3 jobs, 4 if you count maintaining my house. Lastly, I’m trying to find balance between being Angell and Ms. Troxler (the teacher). That last one is probably the biggest hurdle of all. Who knew having so many big and little eyes judging you would be so intimidating.
Well, lucky for me this is spring break so I can go shopping in the middle of the day on a Tuesday! #WINNING.So here it is 10AM and I’m out wandering like a gypsy when I stumble into one of my favorite stores, Versona. It’s the ultimate “I don’t know what I’m looking for, but I know I need something” store. A great mix of clothes and accessories. As I walk, as slowly as one of my students when I tell them we have somewhere to be, I take in all the shiny and pretty things. It was then that this oversized bag caught my eye. It was a great blend of gray with cadet blue accents. Oh, and the gold! I also picked up a wonderful pair of gold earrings that had the perfect amount of sparkle and a gold cuff bracelet with pearls. After my score, I rushed home to see what magic I could pull off.  Instantly, I thought of my new pair of Fashionnova jeans and my “go to” H&M top. Then the ultimate hurdle….. SHOES! But it was like the fashion gods decided to smile on me because I look down and see a pair of Guess cadet blue heels I recently purchased. BAM! Ladies and gentlemen, my best magic trick yet! A Tuesday has never made me so happy before!

Happy Birthday Eve

March 29, 2017

It’s that time of year, birthday time! If you know me you know this ranks right up there with Christmas and New Years Eve. I LOVE my birthday. Why? I’m convinced it’s because I’m a middle child that had to share everything. This is the rare occasion that I get something all to myself. With the birthday joy that feels my body also comes a wave of emotions that comes with the reflection of the past year.
This past year has had me my most emotional yet. Last year when 36 knocked I gladly opened the door. With it came lots of new adventures. I was able to fulfill a lifelong dream of traveling to Europe. As if my patience was rewarded I also took a bonus, unplanned,  trip to the Dominican Republic. Four countries in a two month span, blessed is exactly how I felt. Unfortunately, Murphy’s Law kicked in when I landed back on U.S. soil and I was dealt several blows….. failed relationship, job (grade level) change, and politely being asked to move. FANTASTIC! I’d be lying if I didn’t say I cried, like a lot. I couldn’t figure out how directly after feeling so high on life could the bottom fall out. I turned to God and prayed. Prayed for a healed heart, a smooth job transition, and a home that I wanted to come home to. Well, my prayers were answered. Oh, don’t let how quickly I brush past it fool you. Moving an entire classroom sucked. Learning and creating new curriculum sucked. Rolling solo and building the courage to start dating again sucked. Finding a new place to live sucked….. well until it all didn’t!  I was given a great opportunity and purchased my first home. Shortly after an incredible man entered my life. Then within a blink of an eye I find myself in the homestretch of the school year. Oh and there have been plenty of other adventures along the way.
Yeah, this birthday eve has been pretty moving. I by no means have it all handled, but boy have I made some major gains! 37 I don’t know what you have in store, but I’m ready for endless amounts of joy!

Ms. New Thing

March 3, 2017

When exploring and starting on a new adventure you should be well dressed. Neutrals are the quickest and easiest way to build your wardrobe. These pieces offer flair while still remaining classic in their essence. I have decided to explore and expand this blog. I love to teach and my job is extremely near to my heart, but I realized I was limiting myself. Fashion has always been the blood that pumps through my veins. I put myself through college by dressing strangers and making them feel fabulous. When I started my career that took a back burner. I mean, do you know how hard it is to look fashionable when you’re chasing after and caring for 25 little people? Well, here I am. Ready to share about all the pretty shiny things that make up my life. Buckle up and enjoy the ride!