Hey! I’m not sure how you stumbled across my page, but let me start by saying thanks, stay a while! I wanted to open up  this page by telling you a little about myself. (because no one is supposed to talk to strangers. lol) My name is Angell and I’m a 37 year old elementary school teacher.  I grew up in a small town in Kentucky with 2 brothers and a sister. I was a rule follower and a determined gal. This allowed me to go to undergrad on scholarship and earn a valuable degree in Sociology. (A degree that is about as career launching as a specialization in coloring within the lines). I worked in retail for many years before and after graduation which started my love of fashion, but I was led back to my love of working with kids when I took a job as an After school director. It was here that I was inspired at the age of 27 to move to Baltimore, Maryland and try my hand at working with a more complex population of children. It was in this process that I decided to go back to school and get my Master’s in Teaching. After graduation, I flew the coupe and found myself back in the lovely south. Here, I was blessed with the most amazing job and  beautiful surroundings. (I mean, who can beat a beach and palmetto trees?). So that is my who, let me tell you my why. I have been told by some people dear to me that I should share some of my daily experiences. While this blog will be sprinkled with my school life, I will open up about all aspects of my life because teachers have personal lives too. This site is for your, and my, sheer enjoyment. I will chronicle my daily “adventures”  as myself, Angell. Welcome to the life of an Angell!