Hit ‘Em With the Boom

I feel like every week of this half marathon training is like trying to win as a ninja warrior. There’s ALWAYS something to test my gangster! Well, as usual, the week came in HOT! Between state testing, all the moons and my kids being just left of center, my hormonal imbalance, sheer exhaustion, and pretty much ingesting lysol and clorox wipes to not get the strep and flu going around, my long run on Saturday seemed like a long shot. I barely got the two short running days done. Nine miles. Can’t wait. Fun.

Saturday morning I got up, had some coffee, watched some Jesus, and went back to sleep. lol. I just know you didn’t think I got right up and ran. Even, a couple weeks in, it takes me HOURS to mentally prepare myself. I did wake up from my nap ready to go. I got dressed, TEAR FREE, and headed out the door. Holy Moly, it was cold outside. It was that fake out cold though. The sun was shining so for the first couple of minutes you felt warm and then that wind would hit you like a ton of bricks. Ouch! I’m sure I looked like the most confused runner ever. Long sleeve shirt, scarf with a jacket tied around my waist. Whatever. Off I went. Running pretty aimlessly because I only had a mild idea about my route. Mile 1 is like my body hasn’t realized what we’re in for so it’s pretty easy. Then, as usual, miles 2-4 were all in my head. The voices started. “You could just turn around. You don’t REALLY have to do this. You feel that? It’s a cramp in your calf. Stop now! Save yourself!”

Well by mile 5 I realize I’m too invested to quit. This is when the run starts to really feel  good. Crazy concept I know. There’s something so sexy about being done! Miles 6-9 I find myself concerned with my pace. I had to step it up to maintain my goal of remaining under an 11 minute mile. Oh, did I mention around mile 7 the wind starts whipping like the shirts in that Petey Pablo song?! My face was getting chapped and let’s not even discuss my lips. I couldn’t help licking them and with each lick I looked more and more like I just ate powdered donuts if you need a visual. Not a good look. Mile 8, in the home stretch. I actually started to smile. Let me set the scene….. brown girl, with crusty lips, running on the side of the road, smiling, wait….. is she doing air guns with her fingers?! Yes, yes and more yes! It felt good. I had to stop for a moment and really take it in. BOOM!  I am REALLY doing this running thing! Go me!

Each week, I fight a new fight but each week I find myself the victor. I am still scared out of my mind that I’m doing this, but it also has made me realize those things that scare us the most, stretch us the best!


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