But Did You Die?!

So many of you probably already know that I’ve decided to FINALLY go after that all elusive “run a half marathon” on my bucket list. Last week was my first official week of training. It’s been tough figuring out how to balance working two jobs, weight training, doing three key runs a week, blogging, and simply being human because yes, I get tired too! My first run was a huge success. I felt like Superman. Maybe this running thing was going to be easier than I expected! Then the universe served up a piping hot piece of humble pie. My second run was scheduled for Wednesday, but a photographer friend was in town and I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to shoot with him so I bumped my run to Thursday. No biggie right?! WRONG! While I had my run clothes packed and had all intentions to run right after my second job, Mother Nature had another plan. She blessed me with one of the most wonderful migraines possible. I felt guilty but knew I was in no shape to run. I made a deal with myself that I would take another dose of Tylenol and take a power nap before heading to the gym. It was all good until I realized my power nap lacked all power and was actually just a nap. A nap I woke up from with the same lingering headache I laid down with. GREAT. *insert eye roll* I knew if I didn’t run at all it would be the beginning of the end. So I MADE myself go. I ran, and I use that term loosely, in the cardio room because at least I could cry in the privacy of a dark room. It was painful. Once I logged five miles I quickly came home and went to bed. I was disgusted but too tired to care. When my alarm went off at 4:30am I silenced it. The last thing I wanted to do was gym. I wanted my extra hour of sleep.

Hello Saturday, my long run. I was slotted to run eight miles. I laughed. How in THE world was I gonna run eight miles when five miles, two days prior, made me want to get in the fetal position and cry?! I had already decided I wasn’t going to write about this run. I was going to take my “L” quietly. lol. I poked and put it off until I knew I had no choice, but to do it. Welp, I laced up my Nike frees and put on my “Mind over matter” shirt and headed to the gym. I didn’t know how far I’d run, but I committed to run for as long as I could. I had to give up the idea that I could run longer and keep my less than 10 minute mile pace. My goal was eight miles. All eight miles. No cheats. No walking. No distractions. (shout out to that “Do Not Disturb” on the Iphone). So I set my pace for an 11 minute mile and started. From the start this run felt very different than the last. I was in a practically empty gym, on “my” treadmill (Don’t ask. I’m so that person that swears certain machines work better than others and then claim those as my own. lol) and on two of the T.V. screens in front of me…. a UK game and the Louisville game on the other. Major score for this Kentucky girl! I allowed myself to get lost…. between the game and my music. I focused on my breathing. I kept whispering to myself…. you got this. 60 minutes passed and I was 5.5 miles in when I saw those dreaded words flash across the screen “Cool….. Down….”. Oh, no! Last time this happened I lost my steam and cut my run short. Not today Satan! I quickly ended that run so I could restart the treadmill again. I have to admit my heart broke a little knowing that I wouldn’t see the “big” number in the end, but I kept going. It was when I hit the 7 mile mark when I was like…. I’m really going to do this! Three more songs and I’m done. Three songs came and I couldn’t stop smiling. I had done it. I actually ran 8 miles! I didn’t die. That video will I left on my phone would never need to be played. I DID NOT DIE!


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