Split Personality

I am a teacher through and through. For most of the day on most of my days, you will see me rocking my top bun in a cute (I’m just a little bit biased, duh!) outfit based on how well I can “crisscross applesauce” in it. I have learned to use the restroom in 60 seconds or less. I have mastered eating my lunch in 10 minutes. I pull loose teeth. I bandage boo boos. I have convinced children that a wet paper towel is a magic cure all for all their body “aches”.  I wipe tears and give hugs. I am a hand sanitizer pusher. (You have no idea how many kids kill time by picking their noses and putting their fingers in other weird places).  I hardly finish thoughts. I am often interrupted. I am a referee.  I am responsible. I am respectable. I am a role model. I am Ms. T. Then there’s Angell…..

Angell gets to let loose a little more. I come home to a quiet home where my personal space is respected. (Uhm, this is in large part because I live alone! Details schmetails.) I like to snuggle up in front of my fireplace and read books followed by watching some of the worst reality T.V. (don’t worry, this gives me balance.). I am a blogger. This. This last one is probably the thing that has really fueled my spirit and forced my growth as a person. I get to dress up, work with incredibly creative and talented people, and write about it. In the beginning I felt guilt. How dare I not spend every waking moment being a teacher?! It felt like I was one of those unfit mothers that left their child with Uncle Ray Ray even though I know he’s old and can hardly hear, simply because I wanted to go to a happy hour with my girlfriends. I am slowly coming to realize the best thing I can do for my kids is to do exactly what I’m doing. It has ignited my creative spirits and it’s those things I take back with me when I become Ms. T again. Blogging has taught me to take risks. It’s taught me the importance of acknowledging all that I am. It has taught me that these are the very things I need to teach my scholars! Being human comes naturally, embracing all of your gifts takes a little more practice.

*I feel like I should also say what I didn’t include is the picture of me with uncombed hair in a pile on top of my head while I sit on my couch in sweats. Sorry, it simply doesn’t photograph as well!*


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