She’s a Classic

When I think of jacquard skirts, ladies of yesteryear come to mind. The fabric is thick, think vintage curtains. Oh, and the pleats, oh the pleats. It can make a lady with curves look like a 18 wheeler! Ha! All that being said when I saw this black number on Shein, I thought “YOLO”. I was ready to give it a go! Sizing on this beauty was tricky even using the sizent  guide. My philosophy is when in doubt, go big. You can always take something in, but you can never let it out! So, I actually ordered an XL *gasps and clutches pearls*. Oh, did I mention on these sites size means absolutely nothing. (You can be an XL in one thing and an XS in another!). Well, when it arrived I squealed with excitement. It was everything I wanted it to be.

Everything except the right size! It was bit big, but no worries I had my wonderful coworker and seamstress take it in and “whala!” perfection. If you guessed I squealed again, you guessed right. Now how was I going to style this? Then I had a major “ah ha” moment…… with denim of course! I pulled out my favorite denim shirt, gave it a little sass by knotting it at the waist and BOOM! Then it seemed obvious to add a pair of strappy heels and some statement jewelry. (I’m convinced I’m going to be that gaudy old lady when I grow up based on my bigger is better attitude. lol).

So go ahead girl, buy that skirt and jazz it up! I’ll just be sitting here waiting for my classic man to show up in his bowtie, looking dapper, and ready to sweep me off my feet 🙂

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