Season of Change

Ahhhh it’s that time of year where we take our last romps in the leaves and start to prepare for colder temps. The onset of winter always makes me more reflective. Helllooooo, Christmas and New Year’s Eve and all those lofty goals for the new year. Well, this year is no different. EXCEPT it is!

It was right after Thanksgiving that I had to “break the news” to my mom that this may be my last Christmas in Kentucky. Last year, I bought my plane ticket home well before me buying a house was on my radar. This year, I’m deep into home ownership and my mind and money just work differently now. While looking for flights home this year I was floored. Actually moved to tears. Spending $500 on a plane ticket just doesn’t make sense so I explored other options. Renting a car and solo road tripping seemed to be more fiscally responsible, but not exactly my idea of a fun start to my Christmas break. *Sigh* I used to drive around racking up miles like I was a truck driver in a former life. The older I get the more this option feels like a root canal. Painful, simply painful. So I did what I do best, put it off! lol. Lucky me, Saturday night I rolled the dice and looked for a flight. BINGO! It had gone down more than a hundred and fifty dollars! Enough where I could now mentally justify the price.

I quickly booked my flight and this sudden wave of emotion covered me. This REALLY may be my last Christmas home for a while. It made me realize my winter was approaching. That season where old things go to “die” while preparing for the growth to come in spring. At the ripe age of 37, it’s time for me to focus on my family….. even if that only consists of me right now! I need to do more of what makes me happy and will allow me to grow, even if that means making the hard decisions to abandon old traditions and create new ones on my own terms. So  here I stand, enjoying my last moments of fall before my winter sets in….

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