I Ain’t Saying She a Goal Digger…..

I’m a teacher. It’s my job to inspire, except this little one is the one inspiring me. Her mom posted a status on Facebook a few weeks ago about how Amelia set a “lofty” goal of swimming the 200 freestyle. One, even mom thought was a little crazy to achieve. Amelia didn’t let for a moment  the size of her goal deter her from getting at it. While the end results were amazing, it was how she approached her goal that served as an incredible reminder.

She had a BIG goal, but littered the way with small goal and reminders. I hear you naysaying adults saying, “Sure, but she doesn’t have a job or kids to take care of”. Well let me tell you this,  this young lady has swim practice several days a week, is an active member of our Run club that meets twice a week at 6:30 AM before school, she ALWAYS has her homework and is a role model in the classroom, AND she does it all with a  positive attitude every day. I’ve never heard her complain about being tired or crying because something didn’t go her way. She has a fierce determination that is evident. THIS is why she’s been as successful as a 7 year old can be!

Now back to us big people. How often do we set big goals and then do nothing with them. Hello, Ms. “I’m gonna run in a half marathon and train a few times  a week but haven’t actually signed up for a race because there’s a little voice that tells me I’m crazy”. Yeah, I’m talking about myself! However, we’ve all been guilty of doing just that. We have become masters at abandoning goals. Not anymore. Not for me. I’ll be spending my new found free time (Shout out to Christmas Break) researching and finding a race that’s right for me. I’ll be getting out my pad of sticky notes and filling my own mirror with nuggets of inspiration. I’ll be fully committed to making my goal a reality. I will quit with the excuses and start getting BUSIER making a way.

So to you, Amelia, thank you for being exactly who you are and teaching me a lesson in goal setting. You, my sweet girl, are a ROCK STAR!



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