Dear Santa

You just read the title of this post and rolled your eyes. Sorry guys, I’m THAT girl. Technically the turkey leftovers from Thanksgiving haven’t even been put away and here I am talking about the big guy. Well, sorry not sorry! I’m obsessed with Christmas! There’s just something so magical about the season. My student’s have already written to Santa, on my behalf, about having our classroom elf return. I have started to eyeball Ugly Christmas sweaters and I am knee deep in planning my Christmas vacation to Kentucky. I told ya’ll. Christmas is NOT a game for this Angell. (Hahaha you like that play on words right?!)

Well one huge reason I love this time of year are all the holiday parties going on. This is a chance for me to step out of my teacher attire and be glam for a night (or nights if I’m feeling super festive). Wearing red during this time is very cliche, but if you know me at all, I will sneak red in any chance I can get! This red peplum top from my coworker’s online boutique Blushing Sparrow is absolutely perfect for your holiday rounds. The fit is amazing and we all know how magical a peplum shirt can be at hiding that leftover turkey pooch (not that anyone us have one, especially me!). lol. Well lucky for you if you’re looking for some party digs the site has 20% your WHOLE purchase Black Friday, just use code FRIDAY.  Well, having a great top is clutch, what you pair it with says it all. For this look I combined it with a black pencil skirt. A well fitting pencil skirt hugs and celebrates your curves and can be complimentary to almost every top in your wardrobe. WIN/WIN!

Well, while I’d love to chat a little longer about all the party outfits I have planned I have an attic to get into and Christmas decorations to unbox! Don’t you worry though, I got you this season! *insert winking emoticon*

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