Lady in Red

Most of the time I write it’s because I’m moved by something. That something is often deep and at least mildly inspirational. Well….. this ain’t that post. At least not exactly! There’s no moral compass guiding my fingers to type, but I have been moved. I am moved by LOVE. Love of this red suede jacket! I ordered this gem back in August during Nordstrom’s big sale. It was a complete splurge for me, but I HAD to have it. It was like it whispered my name. “Angell…..Angell….” Well, I don’t know about you, but I’ve been taught to pay attention to people, or things, who know my name. lol.

I listened to the voice and soon welcomed this pretty red thing into my home. I quickly unwrapped it, tried it on, daydreamed about all the outfit combinations that could come from it, hung it up in the closet, and prayed for cool nights to hit Charleston soon.  My prayers went unanswered. So I found myself occasionally checking in on my red joy to make sure it was still as beautiful as I remembered it to be. The days turned to months and sadly they were filled with heat and sunshine. While most people celebrated, I shed a tear every morning knowing I wasn’t any closer to wearing this glorious jacket. (And for those wondering, I am totally NOT being overly dramatic. I was sad to my core). I had almost given up my dreams of wearing this jacket when FINALLY in late October the temps crept into the high 60’s. I whipped out this jacket quicker than a cop whips out a ticket at the end of the month to meet his quota! *singing* GLORIOUS DAY!

While misery loves company, fashion loves friends! That’s EXACTLY why I’m linking all the outfit details. And don’t worry. If red doesn’t set your soul on fire, this wonderful jacket does come in more neutral colors. Whatever your color preference, just know that you’re about to experience a level of joy that you could’ve never imagined. (And no, I’m still NOT being overly dramatic! lol)

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