Run Your Own Race

A week or two ago a mom from my 2nd job and my coworker and friend asked me to be a running buddy for a certain kindergartner. (See cute little curly headed girl in the above picture). While the thought of getting up early on a Saturday to run is not my idea of fun, I love my babies and how could I say no to such a cutie?!

Well, last weekend that day came. My alarm goes off, I put on my bib, and headed downtown. I met up with my downtown school crew and see my little one. Her face looked like how I felt….. sleepy! lol. We found our spots in the crowd and when the countdown was over we were off. Soon after we took off, she grabbed my hand and we made the silent agreement to master this race. (For me, that was to finish without little people tears. You laugh, but I’ve seen it happen. lol)

With Kidz  Bop playing on my Iphone we ran a strong 1st mile. That’s when my little startled to fizzle a little. She didn’t complain, and hallelujah she didn’t cry! We just took our time and ran our own race. It was in mile 2 that she told me that she had already won another 5k. (Funny, that her mom had already told me the story and said she hadn’t even run in that race but somehow got her picture in the paper for the event. Hence, why she thought she won the race). Well, as we closed in on the finish line she turned and said to me, “We’re winning. We’re going to win the race!” And just like that my heart turned to mush! Her words sat with me long after they put the medals on our necks.

About a month ago I decided to actively train for a half marathon. I mentioned it in a picture I posted and suddenly I had hundreds of accountability partners. I questioned my decision. (More the decision to mention it out loud than actually deciding to run. I tend to be a ninja with major decisions, it helps eliminate the distraction that is sometimes other people’s opinions). I was essentially locked in now. Great. So here I am, at the ripe age of 37, deciding to do the unthinkable and train to run for a whopping 13.1. I haven’t picked a race yet but I’m running more than ever and am ready to check this off my bucket list. And from now until I cross that finish line, I’ll be reminded…. When you run your own race regardless of your ranking, you will win!

Thanks Rosalyn for being such a great and inspirational running buddy! Until the next race we win……


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