Falling For You

So I’ve always known and acknowledged my love for Spring. Hello…… I’m a Spring baby! BUT the past couple of years I have come to realize just how much I love Fall. It’s probably because Fall in the South is like Spring in the North. (Uhm, Spring is short lived here in Charleston and often catapults us right into summer, so fall has become my “fix”. lol). I digress.

There is something beyond beautiful about the changing of the leaves, pumpkin everything, scarves and boots. Well, we had a stretch of cool, fall like days this past week and I jumped on it! While I envy my fellow bloggers in their layers and full on fall looks, that is not realistic just yet here in the hot south. So here’s my compromise! The quickest and easiest way to transition to fall is to take something simple and add your favorite fall pieces. If you haven’t noticed I absolutely love denim! A denim dress is a staple in my closet because you can work wonders with it. Here I layered it with a thicker camel scarf and knee high boots. Like we all know during this season, it’s cold in the morning and sometimes on fire by the afternoon. Well, with something like this you can easily off the scarf, and add a belt if you choose, and you still look fab!

The key with this season is giving yourself some versatility. Don’t be scared to layer, just be sure each layer makes sense and can stand alone with your outfit. If you plan this, you’ll look like Mariah Carey on “Cribs” and give the illusion that you’ve had outfit changes throughout the day when you simply just removed a layer! Fall is fun and your outfits should be to!

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