The Devil’s in the Details

blazer and jeans

For those that don’t know I’m a 2nd grade teacher. I love my job and all my little people, BUT there are moments I wish I worked in a posh office where I could wear fashion forward clothes and pretty stilettos. Just as my mind wanders to my pretend job, I am quickly brought back to reality by a 7 year old yelling my name repeatedly about having to use the bathroom and how it is an EMERGENCY and another being sent to the bathroom to wash his nose after a lengthy finger visit to his nose! lol.

Well, that’s what my weekends are for. Playing dress up. Recently I have re-ignited my love for the blazer. It is far more versatile than it often gets credit for. On a cool night it serves as a coat while you can “serve” them when you take it off and reveal a spicy camisole underneath. Oh, and for those ladies that do have an office job you can quickly transform from your 9-5 to happy hour without packing a whole new outfit. This blazer is from H&M and the color is off white so it’s perfect for fall. The jeans are from Express and truly are my favorite. Don’t judge me but I may or may not have bought five pair! (and yes, I CAN feel your judgy eyes but in my defense they are all in different washes.) lol. Oh, and don’t forget the statement necklace. I have come to grips that my style preference for jewelry borderlines on gaudy. I WILL be that old lady in a sweatsuit with a statement necklace and orthopedic shoes. Whatever. I’ll be cute though. Ha!

So while I could NEVER wear this to my job, I can justify each of these pieces because of their versatility and classic nature!

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