She’s BACK!

She’s BACK!!! Sounds quite dramatic right?! Are you wondering from what? Did you do something amazing? Just come back from traveling the world? Did something traumatic happen to you and now you’re on the mend? Well…… sorry to disappoint. None of the above has happened. Hahaha. I’ve gone back to work. For those that don’t know I’m a 2nd grade teacher at an amazing school. (totally NOT biased!). Going back to work doesn’t seem so bad except teaching is one of the most hands on, intensive jobs one can have. I will spare you the soapbox rant, so I’ll just say I’m just now getting my rhythm down. I now enough creative juices and energy to get back to writing. To celebrate I decided to throw on some cute clothes and take pictures, duh! lol.

I know the off the shoulder trend was set for summer, but HELLLOOOOO I live in Charleston so it’s currently 90 degrees and it’s totally appropriate. Plus with bell sleeves like these it’s hard to pass up. The jeans are my new favorite from Express. I discovered them this summer when I lost weight and needed a new pair of old faithfuls. Lucky for you I linked them AND they’re currently 40% off! I’m actually thinking of ordering another pair in the next size down because I continue to lose with my workout plan. These fringe heels ( linked here ) are actually from Amazon and they’re a steal at under $20! I love a fun shoe that offers a pop of color. A lady actually walked by during my shoot asking about the shopping details and of course I paid it forward. That’s enough of my chatter, click the link below to shop for yourself!

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