It Takes a Village

*Students at our bake sale fundraiser for Hurricane Harvey victims*

September 28, 2017

Today, I had a scary moment. I woke up like usual, had my protein pancakes and cold brew coffee and was plugging along in my lesson. A coworker knocked on my door and we discussed strategies to make a more effective home to school connection with particular students. During this conversation I could feel myself become overwhelmed with weakness. I had a pain in my lower abdomen but I thought it would ease up. Well, during this conversation the pain took over and clearly my body reacted. Again, I thought it would pass so I went in the restroom and hoped splashing a little water on my face may help. I looked at myself and instantly realized all color had been lost in my face. My coworker told me to immediately go to the nurse. I asked a parent volunteer to go to my classroom so they could have adult supervision. I went to the nurse to which I was shown so much love as I sat like a big ole baby balled up and laying down. I sat there for close to an hour to which the pain subsided enough that I decided to “tough it out” and finish the day. As I returned to my classroom I was informed that two of my fellow 2nd grade teachers had split up my class and was monitoring their classwork. Once I returned to class BOTH my parent volunteers offered further assistance both in manpower and in getting me personally squared away.

I say all this to say that we often think of children when we hear the phrase “It takes a village”. Well, today my village consisted of a bunch of adults that have one major thing in common: love of our children! And while I am totally appreciative of all of their help, I think of the impact this series of events had on our little people. It showed we don’t just talk about teamwork, empathy, and love, we LIVE it! When I decided to teach I didn’t realize just what I was signing up for. Little people are watching. They’re always watching picking up on more than just academics. They’re learning what it means to be people, hopefully, good people by the adults that surround them.

*side note* At least I was fashionable in my struggles! lol

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