Dear Little Angell

I was scrolling through Instagram the other day and this popped up in my feed. Reading it almost made me cry. (Sure, it could of been from sheer exhaustion, because I was reorganizing my classroom library. lol.) It also got me thinking of all the things I would tell little Angell. So here it is, my note to my younger self…… P.S. y’all know I love me some words so it won’t be happening in two!

My dearest Angell,

You don’t know me yet but one day you will be me…… or at least you will resemble me. I want to start by giving you this nugget of wisdom: You are lovable! There will be people that are supposed to love you and don’t. There will people that should love you and can’t. There will people you want to love you and they refuse. In the moment you will internalize it and wonder what’s wrong with you. I’m here to tell you, absolutely nothing is wrong with you. People’s ability or inability to love is their own. It has NOTHING to do with you. Pray for those people and carry on about your life.


Dream big and follow your heart, even if your heart resides in the cake batter bowl! No, but really, it is human nature for others to want what’s best for themselves. This means that sometimes they don’t want the best for you. They will purposely or accidentally convince you that your dream is too far fetched. It’s not realistic. It is too unknown, scary, and therefore not meant for you. Little one, you will never grow if you don’t learn to trust your own dreams! It won’t always be easy and you may fall flat on your face more than once. Get up, dust your self off, pray, and keep going.

Be you. As the saying goes, “Be you because everyone else is taken”. Color outside the lines or on your yearbook picture even though it may bring you a spanking. (hahaha). Don’t fall victim to comparison. Everything and everyone are not always what they appear to be. As you get older this will be harder and harder. Stay strong. Stay true. Here’s a big asterisk…… you are allowed to change! That’s called growth. Just as long as you remain you, it is fine. People will try to convince you otherwise. There is not a single person in history that has not found themselves changing as life happens.

Little Angell I will leave you with this. You are in your beginning stages of greatness! You will see things you never imagined. You will accomplish things you would’ve never dreamed of. You will see places you only thought existed in books. You will encounter people that will change the trajectory of your life. Embrace it all. Your life won’t be easy, but boy will it give you some good stories to tell!



Angell (age 37)

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