Rebel With a Cause

Whoo! Happy last day of summer break, right?! Wrong! lol. The universe must have it out for me today! I woke up, got dressed, and headed to the gym. All good….. except I backed my car right into the garage door cracking my driver’s side mirror. Oh, happy day right. Well, after fighting tears of frustration, and an emergency call to my little brother, I finally headed to the gym. While I’m there I get called away. Stellar, no exercise endorphins for me. I then proceeded to spend the rest of the afternoon hunting down a replacement mirror. I found one but of course it’s the wrong color, that would be wayyyy too easy. So, I then dropped it off to be painted. Ahhhhhh. Finally home, but now my brain is pinging in a different way. SCHOOL STARTS TOMORROW! Okay, maybe a bit melodramatic because it’s a teacher workday and I have few days before the littles start rolling in, but still. *inhale, exhale. inhale, exhale* I know what you’re thinking, “Come on Angell, how scary can the 1st day of school be?!” I would then respond by saying, “Have you ever been in a room full of snakes? Most are garden, there’s some milk, and a couple of rattlesnakes. And did I mention I’m a scaredy cat petrified of snakes?!” See the thing is, that’s typically the classroom student behavior dynamic. (Side note I’m totally cracking up because that really does nail it!) This is the 1st year in two years that I will have a whole new set of kids. For those a little behind, I taught a group of students in 1st and they looped with me when I was moved to 2nd grade. That’s only the tip of the “new” iceberg. We have a new principal, a load of new teachers, new students, new parents, etc. While new is exciting, it’s a little bit scary. So right here, right now I’m finding a learning moment in this last day of break…… I cannot control a whole lot of things, but what I can control is my attitude and outlook. I am the teacher! I am the smartest person in the room! I will show no fear (even though I’m outnumbered)! I will put on my leather jacket, aviators and do what I do best….. Be a rebel with a cause!! To all my teacher friends and readers may you have a wonderful school year and let the adventure begin!

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