Skinny Mini


*Picture This* I walk into my barren classroom. Cue that western anthem they play when the tumbleweed goes bouncing through the desert. I pick up a few supplies so I can work from home and notice my teacher neighbor in her room across the hall. So I do what any good neighbor would do and rush to her room to catch up. Well, we cover the basics….. how was your summer, are you excited about the school year, and how we already need naps thinking about conquering another school year. Then she looks at me and says, “And look at you Skinny Mini” I did what most women are taught to do as little girls when given a compliment….. I downplayed it and switched the focus off of me. lol. (shame, shame, shame). Any who, her statement got me thinking about the promise I made to myself that I was going to reclaim my fitness over summer. Let me give you a little perspective. This school year was one of THE most stressful years professionally and truth be told, I’m a stress eater. By the final dismissal bell for the school year it was hard to neglect I was a little “softer” than I would prefer. I quickly went into focus mode. I allowed myself to wake up without the help of an alarm (waking up at 4:30am had me near tears some mornings). I also started to not only lift again, but actually track my workouts. My workouts were more focused on weight training 4-5 days a week and with a cardio day on the weekend. As the summer progressed I started to see subtle changes. It wasn’t until mid July that I realized just how much progress I had made. Hello, I spent most of my summer in workout pants. On a random day I decided to buy a new pair of jeans. What?! When did I become THIS size?! It felt amazing! Again, I kept plugging along giving myself challenges along the way….. I’m talking running 9 minute miles. Have I mentioned I don’t care for running?! Oh, and while running my life flashed before my eyes?! lol. Summer vacation is almost over and while I would greedily love to go back in time to say…… June(!) I would settle on going back to that moment, last week, when my coworker gave me a compliment and “take it like a man” with a smile on my face, my head held high, and say, “thank you for noticing. I truly have been busting my chops this summer!”

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