Girl, Why You So Blue?!

July 27, 2017

I’ve got another gem to drop on you all…. I’m human! On most days I’m upbeat, positive, and smiling. Well, yesterday had me off my game. I allowed others to affect me. My energy was as murky as the weather. I was disappointed that I  poured hours into a project and it was underappreciated. I tried to give myself a mini pep talk, but my mind was swirling! (Being a thinker is a gift and a curse). Then, I got dressed and prepped for some pictures. Fake it ’til you make it, right?! Wrong! A couple shots in I was politely told, “your face is all wrong!” *Gasp* Talk about words that touch your soul. Then, I was shown some of the pics and as much as I wanted to deny the “rightness” I couldn’t. This in turn made me more upset. Counterproductive right? lol. Misery: 1 Angell:0. After taking a moment to really be still and try to settle my brain we managed to squeak out some good images. Thank heavens for a great photographer with patience! While frustrated, I learned from my mishaps. I CANNOT let others shake my confidence. (As twisted as it is, some are waiting, even hoping I fail! *insert shocked emoji face*). I have to respect that things will happen in due time. I have to marinate in my abilities and realize it may take others a while to appreciate my style because I’m not a “skin is in” kind of lady. I’m a writer with things to say. I require some effort in an era of instant gratification. I’m also human and I’m allowed to be blue every once in a while and so are you……



Every girl needs a pair of  heels with lace up details


Walking out of the shoot like…Finally nailed it!

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