The Road Less Traveled

June 28, 2017

So, I have to admit I’ve been blogging for a while but I finally feel like I’m “home”. When I started blogging my vision was very different. Oh, and did I mention I was clueless to what I was doing? I picked a site based on….. it being there during a google search. Like all things, it served it’s purpose and it got started. As my vision changed, I realized my site needed to as well. Visually, I was left with lots to be desired. I felt like a high school kid trying to play with the pros. Whomp! Whomp! Whomp! So, I got on Instagram and followed some of my favorite bloggers, took notes, asked questions, and set my sights on higher ground. I did lots of research, picked a new layout, and switched my hosts. Easy enough, right? Hahaha. Clearly you don’t know my life. I have been on hold for what seemed to be hours only to talk to more than a handful of strangers for an entire week to get my blog where I needed it to be! While energized from the thought of my new beginning, I was emotionally exhausted. Then today happened. I made one of my last phone calls to my old site host, changed some technical stuff (nameservers if you were really that interested), and BAM! I’m live! While I still have a lot to learn, and I’m sure tweaks to make, I am on the road to success. Oh, and it should be noted that I got glassy eyed when I put in my website name and saw my hours of hard work become reality! Oh and here’s a heartfelt thank you for joining me on my adventures on what clearly is the road less traveled!

Outfit Details:

Dress: H&M similar dress linked here

Heels: BCBG similar linked here

Photography: PJR photography

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