Holy Oopsy

June, 19, 2017

Ya’ll. You ever had the urge to cry?! Yeah that’s exactly how I feel right now! This weekend after admiring some blogs, I realized I needed to streamline my blog and make it closer to my vision. The only problem… I had no idea how! Well, while tempted to contact Weebly via chat ( I hate talking to people I don’t know on the phone.) I chose to actually speak to a real person. Paul F to the rescue. He was an incredible help and was a kind as he could be when he told me I pretty much screwed up. He gave me a couple tips, made me laugh, and sent me an email chalked full of helpful links. Fast forward to today….. Me putting my new desk to use, trying to make some changes. Easy enough. Yeah, right! I have no clue what I’m doing still and I find myself more frustrated than ever. I apologize for what you see because I truly have no idea what this page will look like in the interim, but know I am doing my best and endlessly plugging away so this page is easier to navigate and becomes the bright and shiny blog I envision it to be!

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