Happy Birthday Eve

It’s that time of year, birthday time! If you know me you know this ranks right up there with Christmas and New Years Eve. I LOVE my birthday. Why? I’m convinced it’s because I’m a middle child that had to share everything. This is the rare occasion that I get something all to myself. With the birthday joy that feels my body also comes a wave of emotions that comes with the reflection of the past year.
This past year has had me my most emotional yet. Last year when 36 knocked I gladly opened the door. With it came lots of new adventures. I was able to fulfill a lifelong dream of traveling to Europe. As if my patience was rewarded I also took a bonus, unplanned,  trip to the Dominican Republic. Four countries in a two month span, blessed is exactly how I felt. Unfortunately, Murphy’s Law kicked in when I landed back on U.S. soil and I was dealt several blows….. failed relationship, job (grade level) change, and politely being asked to move. FANTASTIC! I’d be lying if I didn’t say I cried, like a lot. I couldn’t figure out how directly after feeling so high on life could the bottom fall out. I turned to God and prayed. Prayed for a healed heart, a smooth job transition, and a home that I wanted to come home to. Well, my prayers were answered. Oh, don’t let how quickly I brush past it fool you. Moving an entire classroom sucked. Learning and creating new curriculum sucked. Rolling solo and building the courage to start dating again sucked. Finding a new place to live sucked….. well until it all didn’t!  I was given a great opportunity and purchased my first home. Shortly after an incredible man entered my life. Then within a blink of an eye I find myself in the homestretch of the school year. Oh and there have been plenty of other adventures along the way.
Yeah, this birthday eve has been pretty moving. I by no means have it all handled, but boy have I made some major gains! 37 I don’t know what you have in store, but I’m ready for endless amounts of joy!

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